"Here's How You Can Harness The Same 'Unfair Advantage' The MEGA RICH and SUPER SUCCESSFUL Use To Amass Great
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In Success Classic Think And Grow Rich, Dr Napoleon Hill Documented The Power Of 'Mastermind Groups' To Create Exponential Leaps In Insight, Wealth And Success...

But What He Didn't Reveal Is HOW To Do It. Read On
To Discover How To Create Fun, Effective And Profitable MasterMind Groups That Get You From Where You Are
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Dear Under-Performing Over-Achiever,

Napoleon Hill Dr Napoleon Hill, Grandfather of self-development research

In his classic book on wealth and success, Think And Grow Rich (1937), Dr Napoleon Hill interviewed the wealthiest and most powerful men and women of the day in order to unlock their success secrets.

Figures like:

(Plus another 500 or so more, over a 20 year period...)

And one of the most intriguing conclusions Hill came to, after over 20 years of research, was that:

The Most Successful People In Life
Never Reach The Top All By Themselves

Now I know what you might be thinking -- "Of course they don't. Most wealthy people start with family connections, a trust fund or a lavish inheritance they can fall back on."

The intriguing part is, Dr Hill found that was NOT the case. Most of the great men and women he interviewed didn't come from "money". They didn't have a trust fund or inheritance to get them started. Many even started from a position of total poverty.

But what they did understand is the importance of collaborating with other high achievers on an on-going basis to fill, complement and supplement their knowledge gaps and make "quantum leaps" of insight and value creation that would have been not just difficult but impossible on their own.

In other words, they understood the unique value of being part of a "Mastermind" Group.

Today's Ultra-Rich And Mega-Successful Still Rely On The MasterMind Concept To Beat The Pants Off Their Competition

If you’ve ever wondered how people like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs got to be so rich, famous and successful, it’s because they too have developed a "brains trust" or MasterMind Group that they regularly leverage to whip the pants off their competition.

They’re not necessarily smarter than you and me, but they have access to and take full advantage of the MasterMind Principle on an on-going basis -- while most people don’t even know what a MasterMind Group is!

These Peak Performers DO what most people never get around to doing and so produce results that most people can only dream of.

Dr Napoleon Hill explained in Think and Grow Rich that a MasterMind is a unique concept that leverages the collective power of the group, creating a ‘Third Mind’

A third mind that asks and answers questions you didn’t know you needed to ask to solve problems and overcome challenges you didn’t know you were about to face!

But What Napoleon Hill Didn't Explain Was HOW To Create And Run A MasterMind Group That Achieves REAL Results.

What would happen to your results in any area of your life (wealth, finances, career, relationships etc.) if the top 3 things holding you back were instantly and miraculously removed from your path?

I know it sounds bold and extreme, but just think about it for a few seconds...

What three obstacles are preventing you from achieving your career and business goals as well as your ultimate financial freedom?

Whatever those obstacles are, IF and I mean IF, they were instantly and magically removed, would it make a tiny or HUGE difference in your ability to achieve those goals?

IF removing your top 3 obstacles would made a difference and help you achieve your goals, keep reading because you might not know that....

Nearly every great achievement or massive fortune in history has been the product of a team of minds united in achieving the same, pre-defined goal - a MasterMind Group.

The American Declaration of Independence was the result of a MasterMind Group.

So was man's first powered flight.

So was man's first flight into space and subsequently the moon.

The MasterMind Group principle is simply stated as No two minds ever come together without creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.

No matter where you’re right now in your business or career it takes just one step to move forward. I call it your Next Best Step™.

The question is which step do you take?

A MasterMind Group will become YOUR secret weapon, giving you the edge that has been missing, so you always know what your Next Best Step™ is.

You know you need an Exponential MasterMind Group if you:

 An Exponential MasterMind Group Will Pump Up Your Business 'Flat Tyres', Turning Them Into Profitable Wheels Of Fortune!

You need unedited, unrestricted and uncensored access to collaborative, successful and well-connected partners who know what you don’t

Tony RobbinsTony Robbins coined the phrase: Compressing Decades into Days. Simply put, by mixing with the right people you can extract and steal their best-kept secrets that took them decades to master and deploy them in your business RIGHT NOW!

But here’s the thing. 

Who are these wealth creation and business-building angels and why the heck are they going to help you?

That's the million-dollar question that I answer in this ground-breaking program that I call the Exponential MasterMind™ Program.

The Exponential MasterMind™ Program starts where Dr Napoleon Hill stopped, by explaining in step-by-step detail HOW to leverage the power of MasterMind groups to create accelerated success in any endeavour you choose.

There are three components to this program -- The Mindset Audio, The "How-To Manual, and the Bonuses.

Let's take a look at what you get in a little more detail...

Component #1: Master The Mindset

The Exclusive 66-Minute Exponential Mastermind Audio Interview and Word-For Word Transcript

The Exponential MastermindThe Exponential MasterMind™ principle is what happens when you combine peak performance with exponential sales and marketing strategies to create what I call the Double Whammy™ effect - producing the kind of results most people only dream of with much, much less effort.

Dr Napoleon Hill introduced the MasterMind concept in Think and Grow Rich.

I've taken it one step further by systemising the Exponential Mindset™ with the integration of several other frameworks that make this otherwise abstract concept REAL and APPLICABLE to the everyday person.

That being said, it's a philosophy, an ethos, a 'way of thinking' that must be experienced to be understood. If you want a quick and concise overview, this exclusive interview is it.

Albert Einstein said it best when he said “logic will only get you from A to B whereas imagination will take you everywhere.”

This is an all-encompassing 66 minute Interview and word-for-word transcript that you'll treasure in your personal library for years to come.

Component #2: Acquire The Skills

How To Create A Fun, Effective and Powerful MasterMind Group"How to Create a Fun, Effective and Powerful MasterMind Group to Catapult You To Exponential Success" e-Book

This easy-to-read reference will guide you to selecting the right MasterMind Group Members, planning and orchestrating meetings to fully exploit the powers of a variety of different types of MasterMind Groups.

It’s a must-have for anyone who is serious about getting a MasterMind Group up and running quickly and properly.

It's fills the "HOW-TO" gap left by Dr Hill in Think And Grow Rich and makes creating MasterMind Groups real, actionable and applicable to the modern entrepreneur or professional.

In this valuable reference guide you’ll learn:

  • The #1 secret behind creating killer MasterMind groups that consistently produce extraordinary and highly lucrative ideas
  • How to harness the power of the THIRD MIND as easily as tying your shoelaces!
  • How to pick the right people who can trigger those killer ideas that will pump new blood into your business. Consider it profit adrenaline to kick start your revenue metabolism!
  • The handful of MasterMind Group Rules, tips, tricks & techniques you should know  to keep everyone focused and motivated on the goals and outcomes YOU want to achieve.
  • How to get your MasterMind partners to share their best-kept, private secrets with you openly and generously, without taking advantage of them.
  • The #1 reason why most MasterMind groups fail and how to make yours a success!

Once you've tapped into the limitless power of an Exponential MasterMind Group, you'll wonder how you ever managed without one.

This unassuming book took over 150 hours of research to gather, collate and assemble more than 60 separate references from around the world (documented over the last 80 years) to take Dr Napoleon Hill's MasterMind concept to the next - Exponential level.

Check Out This Colourful MindMap Of The Entire Book
(Yours FREE As A Bonus)



And Here's The Complete Table Of Contents...

Table Of Contents

You Don't Have To Know It All,
You Just Have To Know This...

You see, there are lots of people who read truck-loads of books trying to soak up every little detail they think will be useful to them... someday. But someday never comes.

What the MEGA RICH and SUPER SUCCESSFUL know is this:

In today’s shaky, fickle and unpredictable economy you can never know everything you need to know to be successful. It's a physical, emotional and intellectual impossibility. There aren't enough hours in the day.

Leveraging The Exponential MasterMind concept you don’t have to 'know it all'. Once you create a successful MasterMind Group, using the full power of the ‘third mind,’ you’ll solve business and financial problems even before they show up.

We all know that hindsight is 20/20, but imagine if you have 20/20 foresight. Imagine being able to AVOID problems before they occur, foresee a crisis ahead of the masses, so you can KNOW FIRST, BE FIRST and PROFIT FIRST.

A Tried and Tested Way To Help You
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MasterMind Group THIS WEEK!


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  • If you decide that an Exponential Mindset isn't for you after all...

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Take Action Bonus #1:
Video Streaming Presentation - $47 Value

“Recession-Proof and Create Wealth In Your Business INSTANTLY


Streaming Video...And there is CASH ABUNDANCE in your business.

You have HIDDEN ASSETS in your business or within your website. Un-utilised, un-leveraged, un-known assets that people are WILLING TO PAY for, RIGHT NOW, but they aren't because you're not allowing them to.

They are right there, under your nose, but you can't see them - yet! In this 47-minute video presentation, I will show you how to

RECALIBRATE Your Mind With An Exponential Wealth Creation Mindset...

Recently I held an audience of 153 ambitious and pro-active business owners on the edge of their seats as I shared with them the Exponential Wealth Creation Mindset, at the 2008 Exponential Internet & Business Building Bootcamp in Sydney, Australia.

They sat glued to their seats for almost fifty minutes as they learned how any business – YOUR BUSINESScan be leveraged to make money out of thin air in the middle of a recession when times are hard, competition is cut-throat and prices are being slashes right, left and center.

Imagine turning the worst economic and financial situation into your most potential ally - secretly, like a stealth bomber the enemy never sees or hears coming!

Here are just a few of the secrets I reveal in this myth-busting video presentation:

  • A simple ‘recession-proof’ strategy that will instantly boost your profits by 10-25% while giving you an EXTRA 1-2 hours EACH DAY!
  • How to turn problems into solutions others will pay you TOP DOLLAR for and create money out of thin air
  • A simple way guaranteed to get your prospects and customers to open their wallets and spend money with you PROVEN to work best in a recession!
  • How to spruce up your ads, emails and promotions so they have the greatest possible impact at HALF the cost and FLOOD your business with hard, cold cash on demand
  • What to do in your business during market slowdown so you don’t drown in debt or go bankrupt – A PRICELESS strategy that could SAVE your business – literally!
  • 8 Exponential Strategies to help you grow and prosper during recessionary times. Yes, grow and prosper in the middle of a recession.
  • The #1 strategy to help you out-smart, out-strategise and out-earn your competition BECAUSE of what they are going to do during the recession and what you will do to COUNTERACT them. Consider it corporate Judo, where the MORE they do X, the MORE money you make - wouldn't that be really cool?!?!
  • How to avoid making costly mistakes that could put you out of business – mistakes that are totally predictable and preventable.
  • What to do when the recession hit new record lows. Once panic and desperation set in, you need to be ready to pounce with all you've got.
  • 3 Exponential Strategies that will leave your competitors bewildered, confused and paralysed as you smoothly and effortlessly accelerate your recovery after the recession with greater market share and higher profitability than your competitors.

Learn How To Increase Your Prices WHILE Your Competitors Helplessly Retaliate By Slashing Their Own Throats With Below-Cost Pricing That Bleeds Them To Death

This 47-minute Video contains real, practical value. You’ll learn ONLY what's relevant to you, so you can IMMEDIATELY start exploiting the downturn crisis to your advantage and protect yourself from a potential catastrophe.

No fluff. No Hype. This recording is a totally raw, unedited, 'cut the crap' and tell-it-like-it-is content that will have you rewind the video over and over so you don’t miss any profit-triggering, wealth-creation and asset-protecting details. 

Take Action Bonus #2:
Group MindMapping Report - $47 Value

If A MasterMind Group Is Like Steroids For Your Business, Group MindMapping Is Pure Profit Adrenaline!

When introduced to the MasterMind Group Concept years ago, I decided to take things to the next higher level of effectiveness and efficiency.

With this proprietary 3-step process, I will show you how to conduct Group MindMapping Sessions so you can take the MindMapping concept made famous by Tony Buzan to the next level.

Group Mindmapping

A Massive Momentum MasterMind MindMapping MasterClass In Action

MindMapping is an exponential strategy in its own right, but imagine if you were able to harness the intelligence, experience, expertise, knowledge and talent of 5, 10 or even 50 people AT ALL ONCE - how much better do you think the solutions you could up with would be?

This 'Take Action Bonus' is the single fastest way for any team or group of people to solve problems while avoiding conflict, confrontation and controversy!

Within minutes, each step of the process builds on the previous one, compounding the value of the input, contributions and insights made to that point. The entire process will, often in less than an hour, achieve results that would otherwise take weeks and months of endless meetings, boring presentations and ceaseless debates.

The end result is a simple, practical and easy-to-implement gathering of solutions to the problem(s) posed to the group.

Take Action Bonus #3:
Video Streaming Presentation - $97 Value

How To Out-Sell, Out-Market and
Out-Perform Your Competitors
Without Them Knowing What's Hit Them...Until It's Too Late

Sneak Peek

An overview of 15 exponential marketing strategies you can tailor to your business.

  • Including examples and case studies from real companies who deployed these strategies with successful results:
    • The jeweller, who pulled $55,000 out of thin air by using just one technique
    • The software company that generated $150,000 in sales 6 months faster with 200% better conversion rate and no discounting!
    • The specialised health care provider who booked more than $150,000 in treatments in less than 3 hours with less than $1,000 in marketing costs!
    • The training company that tapped into a Host-Beneficiary Partner's database to produce $25,000 in less than 60 days. Total cost, less than $300!
    • The consultant who made $6,000 in one hour. Yes, one hour. And then made an additional $2,000 without even lifting a finger!
  • 12 tips, tricks and techniques to avoid making the most blatant mistakes
  • 3 secrets you don't want your competitors to know - ever.

Take Action Bonus #4:
Downloadable Audio Program - $147 Value

Eavesdrop On a MasterMind Session Where More Than $100,000 Of Real Value Was Created For the Participants On The Call - In Just One Hour!

Downloadable Audio ProgramThere is nothing like seeing something in order to believe it.

In this case it will be hearing word-for-word how a MasterMind Session is conducted with first-time callers, live, with no advance training or preparation. This 58-minute audio recording is an extract from Australia's most prestigious and elite coaching, mentoring and advisory program for business owners - The Platinum Program.

In this raw-and-uncut recording:

  • A simple process to help you create MORE value for your business TODAY! (02:35)
  • Want to instantly boost the value of your company and make more money with less effort? The answer is here …  (04:13)
  • How to pick the best referral strategies that work consistently for your business. (06:55)
  • How to maximise your referral systems AND get the highest quality clients. (08:15)
  • Why you must develop different types of referral strategies to grow your business exponentially. (14:55)
  • How to get extraordinary referrals – hassle-free clients who will spend the most and stay with you the longest. (17:36)
  • How to turn your client’s into unpaid agents who are happy to grow your business. (20:30)
  • 3 simple steps you can easily take to create massive value for your business with the least amount of effort. (30:50)
  • A simple mindset shift that’s guaranteed to help you attract a stampede of hot clients who are begging you to take their money! (45:25)
  • A simple 1% DAILY improvement guaranteed to help you destroy your competition and make you almost invincible! (49:00)


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Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault

Dr Marc Dussault

The number one question I get asked by people who are thinking about buying this program is "Why are you giving so much away? What's the catch?"

There is no catch. Life and the business world have been very good to me. I've used these strategies to achieve total financial independence before my 45th birthday and I want to "give back" by sharing these success secrets with the world. Secrets I wish I knew ten years earlier. Now YOU can take advantage of these priceless resources for just 69 bucks.

They say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. YOU are that horse. I can't make you drink, but if you want to learn how to unlock and deploy the MasterMind concept effortlessly within the next 7 days to enhance your life, I sincerely hope you will.

If you have any pre-purchase questions that aren't answered on this website, email me at info [~at~] exponentialmastermind . com and I will come back to you with an answer.